What is collagen, and how does it affect aging skin?

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Collagen is a kind of protein that is found abundantly in the human body. Collagen is a strong fiber, found both inside and outside of cells. Though collagen is found all throughout the body, when people discuss collagen, it is usually in terms of the condition of the skin.

The skin of the face is especially sensitive to the amounts of collagen present and produced within the body, as collagen works hand in hand with elastin to give the skin an appearance of firmness and tautness. Collagen keeps the skin smooth and youthful, though the amounts of collagen produced in the body begin to decline as the body ages.

Collagen for wrinkles

The maintenance of the health of the collagen in the skin is essential for preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When collagen production slows and existing collagen begins to break down, skin begins to show wrinkles and other signs of aging. Collagen helps prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, since once the collagen in the skin begins to break down, the skin of the face loses much of its suppleness and elasticity. As the strength of the collagen in the skin begins to fade or break down, facial skin begins to droop and sag, forming the deep lines and wrinkles that we associate with advanced age.

Though the breakdown of collagen in the skin is an inevitable fact of getting older, there are treatments for wrinkles available that involve increasing the amount of collagen present in the skin and even boosting collagen production for maintaining youth, healthy skin.

Collagen injections

One way that some women choose to combat deep wrinkles and fine lines are with collagen injections. By injecting collagen directly into the wrinkles, the area beneath the skin is filled in and strengthened, hiding the appearance of the wrinkles. However, this is not the best option for everyone. Collagen injections for the treatment of wrinkles must be done by a certified practitioner, and as such, include not only the price of the often costly collagen injections themselves, but also the price and inconvenience of an office visit.

Additionally, collagen injections for wrinkles do not provide permanent results, but instead must be repeated on a regular basis to continue to hide facial wrinkles. Additionally, collagen injections are quite risky.

Even with a licensed practitioner, collagen injections for the treatment of wrinkles can go very wrong. For example, there is often irritation at the injection site and the ever-present risk of infection. Also, those who try collagen injections to treat their wrinkles sometimes develop an abscess at the injection site, or even suffer from a lumpy, hard appearance to the skin instead of the smooth, supple look the collagen injections were intended to provide.

Best anti-wrinkle solution

Fortunately, however, there are ways to treat wrinkles without the risk and expense of collagen injections. The best solution for the treatment of wrinkles is a quality anti-wrinkle cream. These creams are widely and inexpensively available. When you are shopping for an anti-wrinkle cream, carefully evaluate the list of ingredients.

For the best treatment of facial wrinkles, ingredients will include such items as Hyaluronic Acid, which cushions and lubricates the cells. Also, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide stimulates collagen production and Retinyl Palmitate has been shown to stimulate cell turnover. A quality cream with these powerful ingredients included is a powerful solution to the problem of facial wrinkles.

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