Genie Instant Line Smoother Review

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Genie line smoother (full name: Genie Instant Line Smoother) simply touts itself as a method to smoother, less wrinkled skin. Its website also says that it will help people "stop looking tired" and will allow people to recapture "that glow". But just how accurate is this information? We'll take a brief amount of time to find out for ourselves.

What is Genie Line Smoother?

Genie Instant Line Smoother Reviews

Genie line smoother is produced by Genie Beauty Products, a company based in Los Alamitos, CA. The official product website states that Genie Line Smoother's capabilities are similar to that of an advanced wrinkle cream. A few claims include:

Key Genie Line Smoother Ingredients:

There are a few major ingredients in Genie Line Smoother:

Genie Line Smoother Complaints and Side Effects

After checking through viable sources online, most of the complaints associated with Instant Line Smoother involve the fact that it is only a temporary and cosmetic solution. Perhaps the complainers would be more satisfied if they had done the appropriate research beforehand, because even the product's website clearly states that Genie Instant Line Smoother's results "(last) for hours", as opposed to a more permanent time frame. Also, its name: "Instant Line Smoother" should be a clue that the product is intended to be used as a quick beauty fix, rather than a permanent solution. Otherwise, there are few complaints.

As far as Genie Instant Line Smoother's side effects go, there are currently none to mention, but as with any other skincare products, it's best to do a patch test of the cream on a small part of the skin 24-48 hours prior to regular use to protect against any possible reactions.

Overall Instant Line Smoother Review:

For those who would like to know how and where to buy Genie Instant Line Smoother, This product can be purchased in various places online, and has even been featured on various home shopping networks in the past, so it should be no problem to find. Price wise, it's comparable to other similar products on the market, although it's only available in a relatively small 19 ml, or .6 oz. size.

At the end of the day, Instant Line Smoother does what its name implies: it works almost instantly to cover some fine lines in the face, but is not a permanent solution for wrinkle problems. It's worth a try if you need an instant solution to use in the mornings or before taking a photograph, for example, but it's recommended to use a more permanent solution if you want more permanent results.

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How does Genie Instant Line Smoother compare?

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