Celladerm Anti Wrinkle Cream Review

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Derived from several types of polyhydroxy acids (PHA), Celladerm is advertised on the Internet as a proven, reputable anti-wrinkle cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the face. The product's manufacturer, Celladerm Inc., promises that users will notice a 30% reduction in facial wrinkles in only 12 weeks. Let's take an extended look at this product and what it really has to offer.

What is Celladerm

Celladerm Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews

Celladerm is a versatile facial cream that claims to decelerate the aging process and reduce facial wrinkles and other common signs of aging. According to statements made online, the manufacturer says that the product:

Celladerm Ingredients

There are two major active ingredients in Celladerm:

Celladerm Side Effects and Complaints

A quick search revealed no major complaints about Celladerm, and there are no major known side effects to report. It should be noted that people who have sensitive or dry skin may experience irritation or excessively dry skin after using this product. Also, pregnant women should talk to a doctor before using this cream, since it contains gluconolactone, which may cause issues during pregnancy. Lastly, as with any other facial product, it is advisable to spot test this cream on a small area on your body prior to regular use on the face, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Overall Celladerm Review

Overall, the ingredients within Celladerm may help decelerate the aging process when used daily, and the inclusion of a PHA like gluconolactone in this product makes it worth checking out, since gluconolactone has been proven as an effective ingredient when used consistently for several months. Unfortunately, we're not sure whether or not the gluconolactone contained within celladerm is enough to generate this type of effect.

If you're curious about how and where to buy Celladerm, it can be purchased in a 1.0 ounce bottle from multiple online retailers. The pricing is comparable to high-end anti wrinkle creams in stores today.

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How does Celladerm compare?

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