What are QuSomes?

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QuSomes are a relatively new technology in anti-aging skin care. Essentially, QuSomes are a delivery system of anti-aging skin care ingredients. Minuscule and multi-layered, the theory is that QuSomes more effectively penetrate the skin, delivering nutrients and beneficial ingredients to deeper layers than is possible with other products.

How QuSomes work

The manufacturers of products containing QuSomes explain that a QuSome is a microscopic bubble layered with different types of ingredients designed to benefit the skin. As the products are applied to the skin, the layers are absorbed one at a time. QuSomes alternate layers of water soluble ingredients with fat soluble ingredients, on the theory that each layer will target a different layer of the skin, designed to deliver nutrients ever deeper. The makers of QuSomes say that as one layer of these QuSomes is absorbed, it exposes and makes way for the next, allowing the appropriate ingredients to each reach the layer of the skin where they would be most effective.

QuSomes also are said to contain higher concentrations of beneficial ingredients that do not wash away with water or sweat, making them more effective more quickly than other anti-aging skin care products. However, as of yet, research has not borne these theories out.

QuSomes benefits

Products containing QuSomes promise much the same benefits that are offered by any quality anti-wrinkle cream. These products promise smoother, firmer skin, as well as a reduction in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and an overall improvement in skin quality. However, the manufacturer's of these products tout the superiority of products containing QuSomes due to the delivery method detailed above. It is said that higher concentrations of powerful ingredients are able to penetrate the skin more deeply when QuSomes are employed.

The fact remains, though, that extremely limited research has been done on QuSomes to date, and there is no solid evidence that this new technology is any more effective than any other quality anti-aging skin care product. Additionally, those using products containing QuSomes should understand that not only has their effectiveness not been proven, but that there has also not been enough research to rule out any side-effects that may be associated with QuSomes.

Are QuSomes effective in anti-aging?

The question of whether or not QuSomes are effective in anti-aging can at first be difficult to answer. Since products containing QuSomes often contain similar ingredients to those found in anti-aging treatments that do not contain QuSomes, results from these products may be mistakenly ascribed to QuSomes themselves. However, no matter how they are delivered, ingredients that have been proven to be effective in the fight against the signs of aging will continue to be effective. The true question is whether or not the technology of QuSomes makes any difference at all to the effectiveness of the product.

With current research at hand, it has to be concluded that no, QuSomes have not been demonstrated to be any more effective in combating the signs of aging in the skin than comparable other products. At this point in time, there is not sufficient research to conclude that QuSomes are effective in anti-aging. Instead, the powerful and tested ingredients in long-standing quality anti-wrinkle creams have indeed been proven to be effective and thus make for a much better choice.

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