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Recent advances in skin treatments have led to an explosion in skin products designed to reduce the effects of aging and wrinkles. While many of these products are effective, some, like the Meaningful Beauty regime, look great in the commercials, but just don't deliver the promised results. Independent organizations which track customer testimonials and product reviews have published findings that the Meaningful Beauty skin care line not only didn't work as claimed for many customers, but actually left them with raw, irritated, and damaged skin.

Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty

Beautiful model Cindy Crawford makes a great spokesperson for the Meaningful Beauty product line; what woman in her right mind wouldn't want to look like Cindy Crawford? And while Cindy herself may have seen improvements in the quality of her skin with this anti wrinkle cream, customer reviews indicate that the majority of the women who try Meaningful Beauty are not at all happy with the results. After just a few days' use, many users complain of burning, discoloration, swelling, new pimples, and itching, often to the point where the user is embarrassed to even be seen in public. In severe cases, scabs formed on the facial skin, which took weeks to completely heal after discontinuation of the Meaningful Beauty products.

Meaningful BeautyMeaningful Beauty Scam

The Meaningful Beauty product line, which consists of cleanser, daily moisturizer, night cream, eye cream, facial masque, decollete /neck cream, and serum, is touted as the latest answer to wrinkles and aging skin problems by supermodel Cindy Crawford. However, a number of independent evaluations have found that the claims made by the promoters of Meaningful Beauty are not replicable and are even something of a scam. On their web site, Meaningful Beauty promoters claim that “100% of subjects experienced no irritation” in an independent clinical study. This assertion is completely at odds with the reviews of other tests of Meaningful Beauty products, which left a large number of users with severely irritated skin and disfiguring red welts. This type of content in Meaningful Beauty's commercials smells like a scam and will lead to an even greater number of dissatisfied users.

Meaningful Beauty Customer Service

Customers may feel comfortable trying out Meaningful Beauty's product line because of the initial low price and the 60-day money back guarantee. Even though the product may seem to be selling at a discount, it really isn't, because upon purchasing an initial supply, Meaningful Beauty signs the customer up for automatic renewals, which add up to much more than the initial sale price. Many ex-customers of the Meaningful Beauty products have posted warnings about trying to deal with the customer service representatives; there are multiple reports of additional unexplained credit card charges and difficulties in receiving their “guaranteed” money back. In contrast, well-proven and highly-rated anti wrinkle products like Complexion MD offer a free month's supply to try out the product, in addition to the options to sign up for regular automatic shipments or make a regular retail purchase.

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