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Hylaform (hylan B gel) is an FDA-approved dermal filler similar to Restylane. A doctor or cosmetic surgeon injects Hylaform beneath the skin to increase the volume of the face, tautening the skin and eliminating some types of wrinkles. A Hylaform procedure is very fast, usually about an hour, and results are immediate but not permanent. In addition the treatment can only be used on limited areas of the face.

What is Hylaform?

Hylaform is a gel that consists primarily of hyaluronic acid. It is classified as a dermal filler - which means that it is intended to "bulk up" or add volume to the skin.

What does Hylaform do?

Hylaform is primarily composed of hyaluronic acid. Once under the skin, Hylaform adds volume to the face and tightens the surface of the skin, helping to eliminate facial thinning as well as wrinkles caused by reduced elasticity.

The hyaluronic acid in Hylaform absorbs moisture from the body. As the Hylaform degrades over time, the hyaluronic acid continues to soak up surrounding moisture, so the site retains its volume and shape for a fairly long time. Unfortunately, these injections are not permanent and maintenance or repeat injections will be required to maintain the appearance and the lack of wrinkles.

Is Hylaform an effective anti wrinkle procedure?

Yes, within its limits. First, Hylaform cannot get rid of all wrinkles. It works only in areas where a slight increase in facial bulk would help to eliminate wrinkles. Second, Hylaform injections are not permanent. Slowly, over time, the gel degrades. Eventually a maintenance or follow-up procedure will be necessary.

On the other hand, Hylaform offers extremely rapid results with very little recovery time necessary. If you are willing to accept its limitations and treat wrinkles on other parts of the face with a different treatment, then Hylaform can be an effective part of an overall anti wrinkle strategy.

Hylaform® is a registered trademark of INAMED Aesthetics.

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