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Top Wrinkle Creams Compared.

Micro laser peel procedures are a compromise between microdermabrasion and more serious or extreme exfoliating methods like laser wrinkle removal or chemical peels. All these procedures have a similar action: removal of the upper layers of the skin.

The primary difference between them is the thickness of the layer of skin removed. The less skin that is removed, the faster the recovery time. But the more skin removed, the more dramatic the anti wrinkle effects - but recovery from these procedures take longer.

What is microlaserpeel?

Microlaserpeel is the use of an exfoliating laser to strip away the upper layers of the skin. The laser used is lower-powered than the types used in the laser wrinkle removal procedure. Because of the use of a lower-powered laser, recovery takes only 2-3 days. No bandages are needed - instead, the cosmetic surgeon will recommend the application of Vaseline or a similar salve to the skin to protect it while the new skin cells are forming. This can be discontinued after 2-3 days.

What does microlaserpeel do?

The amount of skin removed is approximately 20-50 microns (a micron is one millionth of a meter - not very much at all). In comparison, microdermabrasion removes 10-15 microns of the skin.

Because it removes the top layer of the skin, microlaserpeel has a smoothing effect on fine lines and wrinkles. Smaller wrinkles and lines may be removed completely after repeated treatments. Treatments need not be repeated as frequently as microdermabrasion treatments - one microlaserpeel treatment may last 6-12 months, but most doctors recommend a package of 3-4 treatments.

Is microlaserpeel an effective anti wrinkle procedure?

Yes. Microlaserpeel is a good compromise between the multiple procedures of microdermabrasion and the more extreme laser wrinkle removal. Because of the relatively quick recovery time, microlaserpeel doesn't greatly affect the patient's life in a negative fashion.

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