Clientele Elastology Neck Envy Review

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Clientele's Elastology Skin Care Line has developed age-defying products to care not only for the face but also for the oft-neglected neck.

Very few realize how important it is to pay as much attention to the neck as you do to the face – if not more attention. Plastic surgery can lift sagging skin on the face, but the "wattle" on the neck will still give away the years. Cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of the neck is actually more complicated and thus less recommended for aging women. Hence, having a topical cream to care specifically for the aging neck is good idea.

The question is: Is Clientele's Elastology Neck Envy that one product which can do the job?

More About Elastology Neck Envy: What is it?

Clientele Elastology Neck Envy Reviews

Elastology Neck Envy is a topical cream which was designed to delay the appearance of aging in the neck. It is part of Clientele's anti-aging skin care line, which works on skin elasticity to revive youth and beauty.

According to the product's website, Elastology Neck Envy claims to:

Elastology Neck Envy: Ingredients

With the intention of reducing or delaying the appearance of creases, wrinkles, dryness, roughness and age spots, Clientele has equipped Elastology Neck Envy with the following ingredients:

Elastology Neck Envy: Feedback And Overall Review

Based on customer reviews from around the internet, overall reviews are generally positive for Clientele's Elastology Neck Envy, but there are some complaints that the product's scent is strong and perfume-like, which is a red flag for those with sensitive skin or issues with chemical sensitivity. It's been rated high though, with happy users attesting that this product works better than regular moisturizers in addressing the prominent signs of aging.

All in all, Elastology Neck Envy seems to be a decent product that is priced in the same range as other high-end "consumer" creams, and there is the added bonus that its active ingredients are made from natural plant extracts, so there are no worries about the long-term effects of chemicals that you may be introducing to your body. However, this product does not offer any significant benefits that set it above the rest of the anti-aging creams on the market.

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How Does Elastology Neck Envy Compare?

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