Elicina Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review

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When shopping around for natural wrinkle creams, you might not expect to see snail secretions as a key ingredient. But Elicina Snail Cream, imported from the country of Chile in South America, promises an environmentally friendly, animal-friendly product that will banish wrinkles and improve your complexion.

What is Elicina?

Elicina Anti-Wrinkle Cream Reviews

Yes, you read that right Elicina Snail Cream is made from snail secretions and other all natural products in order to rejuvenate your skin. According to the company's website, it also promises to:

What are the main ingredients in Elicina?

The producers of Elicina Snail Cream proclaim that their product is made of 80% active ingredients, with the other 20% being "excipients" (secondary ingredients which help the main ingredients do their job). Among these ingredients are enzymes and acids (such as Glycolic Acid) which are meant to exfoliate dead skin cells. Also, Collagen and Elastin are included with hopes of firming skin, thereby banishing wrinkles.

Since discovery of the uses of snail excretions is a relatively recent phenomenon, we are still finding out more about its abilities as one of the many anti-aging ingredients out there. However, several research studies have been done on Elicina's effectiveness for other uses, such as the revitalization of scarred or burned areas, and the results are positive.

Are there any side effects or complaints from Elicina?

So far, there are few reported side effects; most of them are fairly mild. Using Elicina on fresh scars or burns may yield an unpleasant burning sensation, but it should not last much longer than a few seconds. You should avoid contact between the product and your eyes, as irritation will likely occur. After a brief search, most of the complaints associated with Elicina had to do with irritation that it caused.

Elicina Overall Review:

Elicina is sold online through many different vendors. You can find it at varying prices, but it shouldn't cost more than a higher-end drug store beauty cream.

While Elicina contains many of the staple ingredients that can be found in nearly any anti-wrinkle cream, the incorporation of snail secretions is unique to this product, and may make it worth a try as an anti-wrinkle solution. Some people may be uncomfortable with the idea of rubbing snail extract all over their face, or are perhaps concerned with whether any snails are harmed in the making of this wrinkle cream. These are legitimate concerns which may need to be addressed prior to purchasing this product.

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How does Elicina compare?

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