Guerlain Skin Care Review

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Guerlain Skin Care was founded in Paris by Pierre Guerlain as a perfume company in 1828. This "royal perfumer" became the king's official perfumer for many years. The Guerlain family company outlived any other perfume company in the world, lasting 166 years before selling the company in 1994. Eventually, the famous Guerlain perfume company turned to also producing skin care and makeup products. One of the resulting products is their "Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Night Care" cream.

While the luxurious Guerlain Skin Care products sound impressive, many factors should be considered before actually purchasing them.

Defining The Guerlain Skin Care Products

Guerlain Success Age Splendid Skin Care Reviews

According to its website, Guerlain's Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Night Care Cream may:

Guerlain anti-wrinkle creams claim to heal and repair wrinkles continuously, while encouraging the firmness of tissue, causing skin to feel soft, rejuvenated and newly toned and firmed. Guerlain provides anti-wrinkle cream for various types of skin, from normal to combination skin and normal to dry skin.

Guerlain Skin Care Ingredients

Neither the official Guerlain website nor the web readily offers a list of its wrinkle cream ingredients. However, Guerlain freely boasts of some of the ingredients in its age defying creams, such as:

Guerlain Skin Care Reviews

Price was the biggest complaint among consumers and reviewers of Guerlain anti-wrinkle cream products. For a big price tag, a lot of hype and pizzazz, many reviewers were not pleased with Guerlain anti-aging skin creams.

Many reviewers did like the moisturizing effects of Guerlain wrinkle creams, but remarked that the creams did nothing to diminish their wrinkles. There were not a lot of websites producing reviews or testimonials for the Guerlain anti-aging products, and return or refund policies were not expressly stated on the official Guerlain website or other websites selling these products.

Summarizing Guerlain Skin Care Products

Not knowing what the ingredients in the Guerlain skin care products are makes it difficult to know if this line of wrinkle creams is safe to use. Products made in countries outside of the United States do not necessarily follow the restrictions and guidelines that the United States has set regarding wrinkle cream claims and ingredients. The Guerlain anti-wrinkle creams are pricier than other wrinkle cream brands, so it's like gambling when purchasing such products.

Purchasing Guerlain wrinkle creams is not an easy task, as they are not available online at Guerlain's official website or at most local stores. There are some internet sites that do seem to offer the Guerlain line of skin care products, although the actual availability of these products through these sites is not immediately clear.

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How Does Guerlain Skin Care Compare?

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