ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre Review

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One of the points ReVive skincare emphasizes is that looking young is not just about having zero wrinkles; It is also about exuding great health and vibrance. They have thus formulated a cream which addresses not only one but nearly all the signs of skin aging: ReVive Intensite Crème Lustre SPF 30. However, does this cream actually do any of the things ReVive claims it can do, or is it just a very fancy moisturizer?

Key Benefits of ReVive

ReVive Intensite Creme Lustre Reviews

According to its official website, ReVive Intensite Crème Lustre SPF 30 promises to:

Active Ingredients of ReVive

ReVive Intensite Crème Lustre contains:

ReVive is quite secretive about the actual makeup of the other ingredients, but this is for sure: Intensite Crème Lustre boasts of several ingredients that protect against the sun.

ReVive Intensite Crème Lustre: Cost vs. Benefits

If one thing is true about ReVive's product, it's that it costs a pretty penny. It is definitely priced at the level of a luxury product. If looking for reasons to justify spending so much money on a product (over a less-expensive product), one might be hard-pressed to find them. A search online will provide several positive reviews for Intensite Crème Lustre, although the authenticity of these reviews can be easily called into doubt. Even more troubling is the lack of clinical or scientific evidence to back up the claims that ReVive makes about the unique "in-house" ingredients within this product.

The truth of the matter is that judging from all evidence, you could buy an entire new beauty regimen for the same cash that it would take to purchase a single container of this product. Or, for those who already have their beauty routine down, you could buy 5 or 6 containers of a high-end product that functions similarly for the same price as one container of Intensite Crème Lustre. That being said, if you could afford to spend a large amount of money to test a seemingly versatile, yet unproven product, then be our guest.

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How Does ReVive Intensite Crème Lustre Compare?

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