When Wrinkle Creams Don't Work

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Steps and advice for really stubborn wrinkles

Top Wrinkle Creams Compared.

So you've read reviews and invested a lot of money in top-rated wrinkle creams - and you aren't seeing any results. You've faithfully followed the directions, to the letter, but your wrinkles are still there.

Don't despair. There are a few things you can do to help insure you're getting the maximum mileage from wrinkle creams.

Are you using the right wrinkle cream?

The first question you should answer is whether or not you've chosen the right wrinkle creams. If you went to your corner drug store and picked up the first cream you saw, it's possible that you don't have the right product. If you chose your wrinkle cream based on late-night infomercials, well, it's possible that your choice just doesn't measure up.

Let's face it: it's hard enough to choose the right skin care product when there's so much hype, misinformation and pseudoscience out there. That's why this website exists. All wrinkle creams are not created equal, no matter how much they cost. And sometimes an individual's body chemistry interacts in unpredictable ways with the active ingredients in wrinkle creams, causing them to work more slowly or not at all.

So make sure you're using the best wrinkle cream you possibly can.

Using a "miracle" wrinkle cream instead of a scientific one?

There's no such thing as "miracle" wrinkle creams or anything else. Before you lay down your hard-earned cash, take a look at the science behind the product. Read up on wrinkle cream ingredients and understand what they can do, and, more importantly, what they can't do.

Do your research and make an informed decision.

Does your patience run out before your wrinkle creams do?

No wrinkle creams work overnight. Some can produce impressive results for people within as little as two weeks. But, depending on your particular wrinkles and skin condition, wrinkle creams can take a lot longer. Sometimes you feel hurried by return periods and don't have time to properly evaluate the product at all.

Be patient! Try a new product for at least a month. If you're worried about your return period expiring, contact the company and ask for an extension. Most companies are only too happy to extend a return or guarantee period, because that gives their wrinkle creams a better chance to work for you.

When all else fails, follow the directions

Remember that the manufacturers of wrinkle creams test their products to discover how best to use them. So read the directions and follow them! Most call for clean dry skin. Some should be used overnight. Some should be smeared on thickly, others are concentrated formulas that should only be used sparingly.

If you're not seeing results, but you aren't following the product's directions, then you can't really blame the product.

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