BOTOX® Injections "May Cause New Wrinkles"

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Having BOTOX® injections to get rid of wrinkles? A leading professor of dermatology warns both patients and doctors to beware of causing new wrinkles when beginning BOTOX® therapy. Dr. David Becker, a professor in dermatology at New York's Cornell Medical College, issued this caution linking BOTOX® injections and the development of new wrinkles.

What do BOTOX® injections do, exactly?

BOTOX® serum is derived from botulinum toxin A, a poison produced by the bacteria that cause botulism. The serum, when injected below the skin, temporarily paralyzes facial muscles that cause certain types of wrinkles.

Certain types of wrinkles and fine lines are caused by the paralysis of these facial muscles. Therefore, BOTOX® injections are able to paralyze these muscles and get rid of wrinkles. BOTOX® injections are only approved for specific, limited areas of the face (about 5% of the total facial area).

How can BOTOX® injections cause new wrinkles?

According to Dr. Becker's statements, people unconsciously recreate facial expressions. When they attempt to smile, for instance, paralyzed muscles in the face fail to respond. The body automatically causes other, nearby muscles, to compensate for the paralyzed muscles.

The result? New wrinkles.

Are there alternatives to BOTOX® injections?

Yes. There are a variety of safe, effective BOTOX® alternatives available on the market. The leader, Argireline (frequently misspelled as argeriline) is topical, proven safe and effective.

Many of the leading anti-wrinkle skin care products contain Argireline, along with other wrinkle-reducing peptides and natural ingredients. Considering the costs of BOTOX® therapy, we strongly believe a good anti-wrinkle cream is a better solution.

BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

This information originally published by BBC News, 18 February 2003.

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