Dermastep anti wrinkle system

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The Dermastep anti wrinkle skin care system is another combination of three products. In this case, the products are somewhat reminiscent of an anti acne skin care system. The main active ingredients in the Dermastep wrinkle cream are palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3, two of the peptides used in the top anti aging skin care products.

A month's supply of Dermastep consists of the following:

  • Dermastep foaming cleanser
  • Dermastep toner/prep solution
  • Dermastep wrinkle reduction cream

This set of products retails for $124.95.


Dermastep ingredients

Each of the three products in the Dermastep system uses a different set of effective ingredients. We will discuss each in turn.

Dermastep foaming cleanser

The Dermastep cleanser uses glycerin for its exfoliating abilities (glycerin works like an AHA) in addition to a host of botanicals, including chamomile and aloe extracts, to soothe the skin. Those who have sensitive skin take notice: Dermastep cleanser contains both cetyl alcohol and fragrance. Also, because the makers of Dermastep specify that their system doesn't cause sensitivity to the sun, we conclude that the exfoliating effects are relatively mild.

Dermastep toner-prep solution

The Dermastep toner solution's primary ingredient is witch hazel, long recognized for its abilities as a skin toner. Small amounts of glycolic acid are also found in the toner. A host of other botanical extracts including aloe and chamomile extract are also included. Again, for those with extremely sensitive skin, take note that Dermastep toner contains fragrance.

Dermastep wrinkle reduction cream

The last component and by far the most interesting product in the Dermastep system is the wrinkle cream. The primary ingredients include the peptides mentioned above as well as shea butter and sweet almond oil (providing a rich, creamy texture as well as moisturizing effects). Dermastep wrinkle cream doesn't contain hyaluronic acid, an ingredient found in the top wrinkle creams.

How to use Dermastep

All three Dermastep products should be used in the once-a-day application process (and the products aren't available separately).

Starting with the Dermastep foaming cleanser, moisten the face and neck with warm water. Using a nickel-sized daub of cleanser, massage into the face with circular motions. Rinse the face and neck and pat dry with a towel.

Next, the Dermastep toner-prep is applied. Remove one toner pad from the container and apply to the face and neck with gentle circular motions. Allow the skin to dry before continuing with the regimen.

Finally, the Dermastep wrinkle cream is applied. Again, a nickel-sized daub is the recommended amount. Massage the cream lightly into the face and neck.

Dermastep: Our Evaluation

The active ingredients that really reduce wrinkles are all in Derma step's wrinkle reduction cream. We cannot ascertain exactly how important or non important the foaming cleanser and toner are -- especially considering that one contains alcohol and both contain fragrances.

We have not yet been able to evaluate Dermastep's effectiveness to add it to our comparison chart. We will post this information as soon as possible. Please check back in a few days for an update.

How does Dermastep compare?

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