Why do I need to use an eye cream?

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Not only is the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive and delicate of all the skin in the body, it is also the first skin to show signs of aging and neglect. Because of this, it is most important to ensure that this skin is well-taken care of. After all, they say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and who wants to be seen as an "old soul"?

How do I choose an eye wrinkle cream?

There are 3 major types of eye wrinkle creams- "Day" creams, "night" creams, and simple moisturizing creams; it should be noted that some creams fall between these three categories. Day under eye wrinkle cream obviously serves some function that people need to worry about during the day- whether it be depuffing the eye area, protection from the sun, or reducing the appearance of dark circles (which usually come about after a lack of sleep), but only some of them fight wrinkles. Night eye wrinkle cream helps repair the skin around the eyes and prevent skin damage during sleep, and are the most closely associated with treating wrinkles. Moisturizing anti wrinkle eye creams have no specific application outside of moisturizing the skin, and the majority of them not fight wrinkles.

It is worth noting that the ingredients in certain night creams counteract the effectiveness of sunscreen, or even decrease in potency in the sun. Also- "day" creams that de-puff the eyes can actually de-hydrate the skin, which leads to the formation of wrinkles, and should not be used at night time. Therefore, it is important to check all warning labels on anti-wrinkle eye cream prior to buying it. Take note- only a few facial anti-wrinkle creams can be used for the eyes- the ingredients of many creams are too powerful to be used in the eye area.

What's the best way to use eye wrinkle cream?

Eye wrinkle cream is best used with an effective wrinkle protection regimen. There's no point in using any kind of anti-wrinkle eye cream if you're not protecting your skin between applications. Daily sunscreen applications are a good place to start. After that, cutting back on the number of times that you rub your eyes helps keep the skin around your eyes from swelling and turning red. Wearing hats and sunglasses while exposed to sunlight are another important measure- not only do they help protect skin from harmful UV rays, they also keep you from having to squint, which causes "crow's feet". Also, since protecting your eyes has as much to do with what you don't do as what you do, if you smoke or go to tanning salons and you say you truly care about fighting wrinkles, then you're probably lying about at least half of that statement. Lastly, cutting back on makeup use around the eyes helps- the less friction and the fewer chemicals that come in contact with the eye area, the better.

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