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Idebenone is a powerful antioxidant that is an analogue of CoQ10 - but, in some cases, is even better. Idebenone's antioxidant potency makes it an excellent defense against free radicals and has a few other properties that make it an interesting anti aging skin care ingredient.

What is Idebenone?

Idebenone is a variant of CoQ10 with a more complex chemical makeup. As an antioxidant, idebenone eliminates a type of dangerous, highly-reactive and unstable molecule known as a free radical. Free radicals are caused by pollution, UV radiation and a wide variety of other environmental factors.

Idebenone is even more powerful in its antioxidant action than CoQ10. In addition, idebenone offers a huge variety of health benefits when taken as a supplement.

What does Idebenone do?

In addition to is anti-free radical effects, idebenone enhances brain structure and function. Immune system function and nervous system enhancement have been observed in people who take idebenone as a supplement.

When applied externally, idebenone eliminates free radicals on and under the skin's surface.

Is idebenone an effective anti wrinkle ingredient?

Possibly. There are a large number of anti aging skin care ingredients that have more research backing them up. Nonetheless, idebenone is an excellent antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from environmental damage.

Does idebenone eliminate wrinkles? There is no research that supports the use of idebenone as a wrinkle reducer or an anti wrinkle component. Therefore, we do not recommend anti wrinkle products that feature idebenone as primary or sole active ingredients.

Anti wrinkle products that contain idebenone

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