Hyaluronic acid

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Hyaluronic acid (sometimes called hyaluronidase) is an ingredient in some anti wrinkle creams. As a moisturizer, hyaluronic acid has the ability to transmit massive amounts of water into the skin (in the neighborhood of 1000 times its own weight) making hyaluronic acid one of the most effective moisturizers available.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (also called Hyaluronan) is found in human connective tissue, the function of which is to cushion and lubricate. Hyaluronic acid is found throughout the body in great amounts. It is most concentrated in the joints, heart valves and eyes. Presumably, its moisturizing and humectant effects are the key to its presence in these parts of the body.

Interestingly enough, people whose diets provide high levels of hyaluronic acid tend to live longer, be healthier and suffer from fewer joint-related difficulties.

What does hyaluronic acid do?

Hyaluronic acid is primarily used as a moisturizing agent. Because of its ability to "latch onto" huge numbers of water molecules and bring them into the cells of the skin, it is an extremely effective moisturizer.

Hyaluronic acid seems to prevent scarring, as well. It is a known fact that fetuses do not scar and this is thought to be due to the extremely high levels of hyaluronic acid in the amniotic fluid. This is yet another great reason to include this ingredient in an anti wrinkle treatment.

Doctors routinely make use of medications containing hyaluronic acid to treat premature wrinkling, scarring and even to assist in the healing process.

Is hyaluronic acid an effective anti wrinkle ingredient?

Yes. Hyaluronic acid not only works as a moisturizer, it also seems to speed the rejuvenation of damaged skin cells. There are very few ingredients that hold as much promise as hyaluronic acid. Our only question is, why don't more anti wrinkle products include it?

Anti wrinkle products that contain hyaluronic acid

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