Laser Wrinkle Removal

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Laser wrinkle removal is now possible, thanks to the latest advances in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Laser wrinkle removal has replaced dermabrasion and even chemical peels for many surgeons. Lasers are incredibly precise and allow doctors to remove tissue at a certain depth without bleeding or scarring.

What is laser wrinkle removal?

Laser wrinkle removal is the use of a laser beam to exfoliate the skin - removing the outer, protective layers of tissue to reveal the younger, more vibrant skin underneath.

By resurfacing the skin, this type of laser treatment can reduce wrinkles and even eliminate them. The more powerful the laser used, the deeper the resurfacing of the skin goes and the larger the wrinkles that can be removed. However, the more tissue that is removed, the longer recovery time will be for the patient.

Types of lasers used for wrinkle removal

The two most commonly-used lasers are CO2 and Erbium lasers. They differ in the type of gas used to generate the laser beam as well as in wavelength.

The CO2 laser has greater depth penetration, and therefore is more effective against deep wrinkles. In less experienced hands, the power of this type of laser can be a problem.

The Erbium laser, while less powerful, also is more safe for use. Those treated with this type of laser will experience faster healing and less irritation than the CO2 laser.


Recovery from a laser wrinkle removal treatment can last up to 30 days and even longer in some cases. Many doctors recommend the use of anti wrinkle products that contain peptides and antioxidants to help speed the healing of the skin.

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