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Restylane is the basis of a fairly new type of anti wrinkle treatment. A doctor or cosmetic surgeon injects small amounts of a dermal filler, Restylane, under the skin of the face. This in effect fills out the skin of the face and can correct a variety of types of wrinkles, as well as adding a youthful fullness to the face.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a gel that is derived primarily from synthetic sources. It contains no animal proteins.

Restylane is composed primarily of hyaluronic acid - which is a hygroscopic (water-loving) compound. Restylane thus maintains its shape from the body's own sources of moisture. In addition, as each molecule of Restylane begins to decay, the hyaluronic acid affixes itself to more water. Thus Restylane retains its shape and volume for long periods of time. It is not, however, permanent.

What does Restylane do?

Restylane adds a small amount of bulk to limited areas of the face. This pulls the skin slightly more taut, eliminating certain types of wrinkles. Restylane is shaped by the surgeon who injects it and retains its shape over time.

Over time, Restylane degrades and maintenance injections or a new procedure may be required.

Is Restylane an effective anti wrinkle procedure?

Yes. For those who are not afraid of needles, and who are prepared for maintenance procedures after the initial round of injections, Restylane will help to eliminate some wrinkles. Which types of wrinkles Restylane is most appropriate for is subject to examination by a doctor or cosmetic surgeon.

Unfortunately, Restylane will not work on all types of wrinkles. There are some parts of the face into which it's simply not feasible to inject the gel compound. So, although Restylane is certainly an effective procedure, it cannot eliminate all wrinkles.

Note: Restylane is frequently misspelled. Variant spellings include restaline, restalin and restylin.

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